"If it weren't for a limited edition of a 2002 live set recorded in Stockholm, this would be the debut recording by this trio comprised of reed player Ken Vandermark, his longtime cohort Nate McBride on bass, and a more recent acquaintance, Paal Nilssen-Love, on drums. The session is divided in four epic parts that could also be divided into smaller segments considering the variety of moods, melodies, and tempos that are often dictated by Vandermark switching to a different instrument. The saxophonist/clarinetist is generally associated to the unbridled school of free jazz, but on this occasion Vandermark often sounds relaxed and mellow. The tradeoff is an occasional lack of focus which results in some meanderings, a pitfall that musicians can have difficulty to avoid when throwing themselves into such long improvised pieces. Musicianship is not at fault though. McBride's round and woody bass lays a sound foundation and Nilssen-Love once again accomplishes the feat of never repeating himself. It's just that the music lacks the intricate experiments of Vandermark's Territory Band, or the solid writing he has produced for School Days and the Vandermark 5. FME is a fine live band whose music does not make an entirely successful transition to the studio." - Alain Drouot


Paal Nilssen-Love / percussion

Nate McBride / bass

Ken Vandermark / reeds

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 16bit FLAC 

Paal Nilssen-Love

Nilssen-Love has, during the last couple of years, established himself on the international scene as a powerful drummer with high energy and creativity. In 2002 he was "Artist in Residence" at Molde International Jazz Festival, a title Chick Corea and Pat Metheny held in previous years. After 7 days and 9 concerts at the festival, Down Beat stated, "His week at Molde proved a revelation: Nilssen-Love is one of the most innovative, dynamic and versatile drummers in jazz." 

Ken Vandermark

Vandermark is also known for the work with his own quintet the Vandermark 5, the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, the Territory Band, Spaceways Inc., and the DKV Trio. In 1999 Vandermark was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship, previous recipients of this prize in the field of music include Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton and Max Roach. He has also been was voted ”Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” in the critic's poll of the American jazz magazine Down Beat, both as composer and as a tenor saxophonist, every year since 2000.

“Vandermark can scorch paint with a sax.” – The Guardian