A Divided Reader – What the Fire Sees

Alenka Zupančič
Alexander Kluge
Amy Ireland
Anne Boyer
Aurelia Guo
Bini Adamczak
Carolyn Lazard
Chi Chi Shi
Denis Ekpo
Feminist Judgments Project
Gili Tal
Houria Bouteldja
Huw Lemmey
Keziah Craven
Marina Vishmidt
Nat Raha
Sarah Lamble
Vanessa Place

A collection of anti-capitalist poetry, philosophy, cultural analysis, legal studies, manifesto and critique spanning 1996 to the present.

Edited by Divided.

"Divided we fall, but where do we land? This collection explores some of the grounds on which thinking and writing can begin again." - Sadie Plant

"Many of the writings in this book remind me of times when I seek something to save myself from destruction. These are texts for the thing that comes before protecting yourself from capture or dampening any pain." - Hamishi Farah

"Divided Publishing show themselves willing to question the intellectual status quo and the ways in which it is maintained. Let this reader create much chaos." - Pete Ayrton (founder, Serpent’s Tail)


21.6 x 13.9 cm
232 p.