Cornelius Cardew - Chamber Music 1955 - 64 performed by Apartment House

"These pieces create a coherent and cohesive statement of Cardew's approach to interdeterminacy. They set in motion his dual attention to extreme pragmatism and philosophical, even utopian ideals. They are subtle essays in how one might initiate a skeletal framework to be fleshed out, to be made corporeal, by future generations. Cardew referred to this as 'growth mechanisms' : ie, how changing performance practice and musical outlooks can be accommodated by compositional activity. It is a balance between 'cogent explicitness' and 'sufficient flexibility' rather than a fully notated, self contained piece." - David Ryan, 2001. 


Anton Lukoszevieze / cello
Simon Allen / vibraphone & marimba
Bridget Carey / viola
Rhodri Davies / harp
Andrew Sparling / clarinet
David Ryan / bass clarinet & piano
Sarah Walker / piano & prepared piano
Dave Smith / prepared piano & melodica
Tania Chen /piano
Robert Coleridge / organ
Michael Parsons / electronic keyboard


Recorded by Apartment House, directed by Anton Lukoszevieze. First commercially released recordings of many of Cardew's early compositions.
Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston-upon-Thames on the 6th and 7th of April, 2001. Front cover artwork: detail from 'Solo with Accompaniment'

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC 


1. Solo with accompaniment (1964) - 7:41
2. Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement I - 01:50
3. Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement II - 02:20
4. Three rhythmic pieces for trumpet and piano (1955): Movement III - 01:55 Autumn '60 (1960) Version I - 06:40
6. Material (1964) Version II - 03:36
7. Second string trio (1955) (04.25) - 04:25
8. Piece for guitar (for Stella) (1964) - 06:36
9. Material (1964) Version I - 11:59
10. Memories of you (1964) - 13:25
11. Autumn '60 (1960) Version II - 05:29
12. Octet '61 for Jasper Johns - 07:04

Apartment House

Apartment House was created by the cellist Anton Lukoszevieze in 1995. Under his direction it has become a major exponent of avant-garde and experimental music from around the world. Disregarding style, fashion and hip things, and forging nowhere with a Zeitgeistian zeal, Apartment House’s performances have included many UK and world premieres of music by a wide variety of composers. The Apartment House group is of a flexible instrumentation, allowing for a vast range of performance possibilities. They are a regular feature on the European music scene and have ventured as far as the USA, Russia and Australia. Their recordings and videos have been released on LMIC (George Maciunas’ Musical Scoring Systems), Another Timbre (Laurence Crane’sChamber Works) Mere Records (Jennifer Walshe’s XXX Live_Nude_Girls!), Cold Blue Music (Peter Garland’s String Quartets) and Matchless Recordings (Cornelius Cardew’s Chamber Music). In 2012 they received the Royal Philharmonic Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chamber Music and Song. Their recent double album of music by Laurence Crane has been described as “compellingly beautiful” by the Guardian.