Cloud Circuit – Bur sting brea k'r

Bur sting brea k’r is the début EP by Montreal's Cloud Circuit.

Cloud Circuit is Deanna Radford (poetry) and Jeremy Young (electronics.) The Cloud Circuit Ensemble includes Philippe Vandal (saxophone) and Alexandre St-Onge (bass & laptop.)

This project is inspired by the failures of communication technologies as they are tied to human experiences of communication. All efforts are put in place to transport the listener into the grey areas of connection; a space where de-synchronized signals, dropped data packets, repetition and/or deterioration of information is observed.

Young develops a magnetic soundscape in which Radford's voice transmits from. Produced using sine wave oscillators and physical interventions on amplified surfaces with saxophone (Vandal) and bass (St-Onge), Bur sting brea k’r evokes the sense that one can hear when the sounds, recognizable and unrecognizable, fall away into particles.

Using the soundscape as infrastructure and atmosphere, Radford delivers her poetry guided by the process of deep listening and semi-improvisation. As in live Cloud Circuit performances, her words are spoken in response to sound by Young, Vandal and St-Onge. At the same time, she deconstructs word order so we might question typically intended meanings and better feel the presence of the machines and software which surround us. This demonstrates the ironies that; first, we observe a text deliberately deconstructed by a human to represent the shortcomings of a technology set up to meet an essential and very human need; communication. Second, words sometimes shift from the technical to the emotional as a result of repetition and this process of scattering.

Here lies the strength of Cloud Circuit; the ability to create in the listener the desire to re-synchronize disorganized blocks of information and at the same time, accept the tragic end reserved to them.

In some ways, Bur sting brea k’r is an invitation to appreciate the failure of our connected world and the void left by it's loss of meaning.


Deanna Radford: words, deconstructed word events, mouth sounds
Jeremy Young: sine waves, mouth sounds
Philippe Vandal: saxophone on Side A
Alexandre St-Onge: bass, laptop on Side B
Mixed by Markus Lake
Mastered by Lawrence English
Designed by Marie-France Gaudet

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. A letter from the cloud eternal network - 03:17
2. Airbus 321  -01:50
3. Bur sting brea k'r - 01:05
4. The speed of sound. A trail of airplane exhaust slowly. - 03:43