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Chaines / Tom Rose - SPLIT

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Debut release of material from both Tom Rose and Caroline Haines (Chaines). Both composers working within electronic and contemporary composition, the pair’s music form a dialogue testament to sharing the same stage countless times over the past year. 

Chaines’ two offerings are evidence of an idiosyncratic vision embracing dislocated drums, swathes of distortion, and freakish manipulations of her own voice. There is a nagging sense of some submerged narrative – in Transverberation, the “bells and smells” of religious ceremony are evoked, while Speak Gentle Words is something like catching glimpses of distant shorelines. 

Tom Rose navigates the alternating interzones with three cuts that dismantle the base of Chaines’ music, as dry synthetic drums coalesce into toppling patterns and waves of synthesiser become caked in debris.The final track includes contributions from ‘cellist Tom Bayman, whose string sounds become stretched in an extended rumination upon Chaines’ unexpected violin solo.


Music by Caroline Haines / Tom Rose. Mastered by Peter Harris

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 


1. Tom Rose - Berghaus - 06:06
2. Chaines - Speak Gentle Words - 10:26
3. Tom Rose - The North Face - 03:14
4. Chaines - Transverberation - 05:33
5. Tom Rose - Peter Storm - 06:29


CHAINES (Cee Haines) is a musician based in Manchester, UK, who writes surreal and fantastical electronica and electro-acoustic music. Their recent album, 'The King', was receieved with enthusiastic critical praise; it was ranked in FACT magazine's top 25 albums of 2018's first quarter, was made Boomkat's album of the week, and Robert Barry of The Wire called it 'vast in scope, rich in execution'. As well as their solo electronic work, CHAINES' has also worked extensively with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Commissions for the LCO have always been electro-acoustic in nature, using both small and orchestral scale ensembles with electronics, premiering works at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall (BBC Proms 2018), Tate Modern (Uniqulo's Tate Lates series 2017) and the Roundhouse (Ron Arad's Curtain Call 2016). They have been in residency with SAY award winner Anna Meredith and Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap, improvising, performing and producing audio and video. They graduated The Royal Northern College of Music in 2013 with a 1st class honours in Composition and Contemporary Music. They also identify as non-binary, so the 'they' in this biography is not a grammatical error.