La Ou Nos Reves – Bruno Duplant

Bruno Duplant: là où nos rêves…

two organ pieces:
là où nos rêves se forment (to eva-maria houben)

là où nos rêves s’éffacent (to jakob ullmann)

Le rêve de la nuit est un rêve sans rêveur. (Gaston Bachelard, La poétique de la rêverie, 1960). Der Traum der Nacht ist ein Traum ohne Träumer. The dream of the night is a dream without dreamer.


Bruno Duplant / organ


Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   

Bruno Duplant

After taking piano lessons about ten years ago in order to be able to play Satie and Monk, Duplant started creating experimental compositions with the help of an old PC and some software transformed from its original function. Over the the last few years he has collaborated with a number of musicians from the Wandelweiser collective, and has released discs on both Radu Malfatti and Eva-Maria Houben's own labels, Another Timbre and his won label Rhizome.s.