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Berman, Lytto, Roebke – Trio Discrepancies

The trio of Chicagoans Josh Berman (cornet) and Jason Roebke (double bass) and English free improvisation legend Paul Lytton came together in 2016 for a short European tour. The trio presented music from Berman’s critically acclaimed recording A Dance and a Hop on Delmark Records. On the course of the tour, the music became freer and freer, finally arriving at a unique language where trad jazz and pure sound improv come together. It’s a truly fresh sound and context for these three improvisers.

"Berman’s puckered tone, fatback licks and tart smears—as ever bridging the gap between the garrulous, vocalic excursions of Ellington trumpeters like Bubber Miley and Rex Stewart and modern seekers like Wadada Leo Smith and Nate Wooley--are steadily buffeted by the rhythm section’s shifting gambits. The bassist unfurls deep, woody lines and the drummer peppers his flow with wonderfully jarring, chaotic accents, but despite the turbulence they forge an inexorable sense of forward motion, providing a platform for the cornetist to toggle masterfully between lyric flurries and knotted outbursts." - Peter Margasak


Josh Berman / cornet

Paul Lytton / percussion

Jason Roebke / bass


Recorded by:

JD Service (Jose & Marco Dicati) at Cinema Torresino, Padova, Italy - April 7, 2018.
Jason Roebke at Fri Form, Trondheim, Norway - April 11, 2018.

Mixed by Todd A. Carter and Jason Roebke at belAir, Chicago.
Mastered by Alan Jones at Laminal Audio.

Thanks to Ståle Liavik Solberg, Tollef Østvang, and Stefano Merighi.

Design by Jaime Zuverza.
Layout by Drew Liverman.

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download


1. Padova 19:46
2. Trondheim 16:50