Donate to OTO’s Fundraiser Auction!

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A few weeks ago we launched an auction to raise funds for new equipment. So much has happened since then that we have decided to now make this a fundraiser to help us through this extremely difficult period.

As you can imagine we are under huge pressure at the moment and are working flat out to ensure Cafe OTO survives this.

The impact of this situation is extremely acute for small venues like ours and we need all the support we can get to pull through.

If you have anything that you would like to donate to our auction it would be a massive help to us. It could be any thing from a rare poster, a unique piece of art, a limited edition print/LP, a signed record, a piece of ephemera, an experience or something we haven't thought of - Anything that you think you could donate to us that people might want to part with some cash for! 

How To Donate...

Also if possible provide some basic information about the item. For example if it is a one off/edition etc. Or if it is a piece of ephemera what the context is. You can either do this via a note in the package or separately via e-mail to 

There are a number of ways to donate...

Physical items:

Please email if you have something to send to us

If you want to send us something big and heavy let us know as we might be able to help with the postage!

Other items:

If you are donating something ephemeral such as an experience or maybe something that exists digitally and you don’t need to post it to us please just e-mail us to let us know what it is you are offering and how you would like it listed. 

If possible please post donations before 9th April. If it is a little late we can probably still add it to the auction but earlier would be better. 

Why are we doing a fundraiser?

For over a decade OTO has been presenting a back-to-back seven-day a week programme of some of the most exciting music being presented today. A vast number of musicians and audiences have come through our doors over that time.

In the first few years of Cafe OTO we scraped by on equipment we had begged and borrowed. Musicians showed extraordinary generosity in donating bits of equipment and we brought bits and pieces as and when we could. Then about seven years in we did a small fundraiser that enabled us to buy a few essentials but there has always remained a huge discrepancy between the ambition and scale of our programme and the equipment we have to present it.

We recently tried to redress this imbalance by applying to Arts Council England for a capital grant and we're extremely grateful to them for supporting us and awarding the grant. As part of that agreement we have to raise an additional £21,200 ourselves.


  • Improve our PA System.
  • Own our own backline equipment so that we don’t have to hire it in at extra cost.
  • Attract world-class musicians to take part in our programme by providing them with the equipment they need.
  • Stage ambitious work in new ways, including multi-channel diffusions.
  • Store, manage and produce our digital archive more efficiently and to a higher standard.

New Events

Monday 3 October 2022

Holding Hands

£14 £12 Advance £7 MEMBERS

Monday 10 October 2022

Sloth Racket

£14 £12 Advance £7 MEMBERS

Wednesday 26 October 2022


£16 £14 Advance £8 MEMBERS

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Laila Sakini + Dies Lexic (Inês Tartaruga Água e Xavier Paes) + Dennis Tyfus + Zara Joan Miller

£15 £13 Advance £8 MEMBERS