Sunday 20 May 2018, 7.30pm


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Matthias Puech

Matthias Puech is an electronic musician from Paris. His compositions, contemplative stills of imaginary landscapes, draw from a dual fascination for natural phenomena and mathematical concepts. 

Being a research scientist by day, he also designs and engineers his own instruments by programming chips with unique synthesis algorithms inspired by physics and living organisms.

He will be releasing an album later this year on Hands In The Dark and Obsolete Future. 

“There are space jiggle moments that recall early Gong at their zoniest and layered blasts the make me think of prime Tangerine Dream, but for the most part this tape visits previously explored quadrants in new ways. Quite an accomplishment.” – Byron Coley, The Wire - December 2017



London/Oslo-based duo BirdWorld is Gregor Riddell (cello, electronics) and Adam Teixeira (drums, percussion). 

With a simple acoustic instrumental set up alongside electronically manipulated field recordings and a variety of traditional percussion including numerous kalimbas, the duo weaves between ambient electronic, contemporary classical and jazz improvisation.

Since meeting during their respective Banff Centre for the Arts Creative Residencies, the duo has gone on to perform across Europe with highlights including a Union Chapel concert filmed and recorded by NTS Radio, an electronic film score commissioned by London Contemporary Orchestra and collaborating with Streifenjunko, Harpreet Bansal, Alex Stuart, Vilde&Inga among others. Birdworld will release its debut album in 2018.

TOM LOCK & TOM RICHARDS present Within (Electronics and Video Performance)

Tom Lock and Tom Richards come together in an audio-visual collaboration. Expanding and reflecting upon Lock’s installation work titled Within (Focal Point Gallery, Sept 2017 Southend-on-Sea), this performance brings together a mesmerising collage of sound and vision inspired by Octavia E. Butlers 1987 book Dawn.

Tom Lock is an artist based in London. His work has been exhibited and screened at places such as Focal Point Gallery - Southend, Tate Britain, CCA - Glasgow, The Institut Français - Japan and the Nottingham Contemporary. He explores the use of symbolic imagery related to these two colossal subjects. Science-Fiction and Fantasy literature regularly inform a research base for his practice. The authors that inspire Lock range from Octavia E. Butler to Ursula Le Guin, amongst many others. He is drawn to writers that explore issues related to both humanistic and other worldly ideas. 

With the use of animation, Lock’s work illustrates the narrative of a hybrid organic form in an alternative future in which humans coexist with extra-terrestrial beings.

Tom Richards is an artist, musician, DJ, researcher and instrument designer working in London UK. Richards has built his own idiosyncratic modular electronic music system, with which he creates slowly evolving and heavily textured polyrhythmic improvisations. 

He has recently submitted his PhD (Goldsmiths/Science Museum) on the work of Daphne Oram: electronic music pioneer, and founder member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This research included the construction of Oram’s Mini Oramics synthesizer design (Circa 1975), a project that has since gained worldwide attention.