Wednesday 14 July 2021, 7.30pm

XT 'Deorlaf X ' album launch

No Longer Available

XT (saxophone player Seymour Wright and percussionist Paul Abbott) celebrate the launch of their new record on OTORoku Deorlaf X with a special local-remote performance at Cafe OTO.

Deorlaf X is a reflective re-asembling of a dozen years of XT working together. It is located in Dalston, and specifically at OTO, and: "a changing cast of OTO guests, audience and emotions hosted each time in a new London."

For this event XT will extend real, imaginary, actual, potential XT sounds by re-mixing the Deorlaf tracks - across OTO sound system and beyond its space:

Seymour will present the material live at OTO, but due to travel restrictions, Paul will not be present at OTO for the performance.

XT (Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright)

Opening possibilities of language and learning from below, XT bounce questions of the specific material conditions, histories and logics of the saxophone and drum kit in a flexible, manifold process of collaboration, augmentation, bifurcation, antagonism and technological and somatic feedback. Increasingly they plug in, using synthetic and amplified saxophone and drums to extend magnify and delay what they do.
The project explicitly folds together their overlapping interests in language, learning, politics and an investigative ethics of emancipation.

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17 Dec 2021 – 8PM


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