Saturday 21 September 2019, 7.30pm

Upset the Rhythm presents: Trash Kit + Child's Pose + The Plan

No Longer Available

TRASH KIT are Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Rachel Horwood (drums, vocals) and Gill Partington (bass). Three deeply creative individuals who play in a multitude of other groups including Bas Jan, Sacred Paws, Shopping and Bamboo, united by a shared decade of spry musicality that surges through their bodies, hearts and heads with Trash Kit. Their songs once succinct, patchwork post-punk numbers of an honest diary-like nature now tussle more with long-form songwriting, expeditious polyphony and cascades of sung-spoke vocals. This new focus began with their last album ‘Confidence’ (2014) and has now grown into something exhilarating and rapturous. New songs like ‘Disco’ have had their very fabric stretched into smart new shapes, allowing the band to run away with refrains and unlock the dancefloor. Although Trash Kit have their forebears in bands like Sleater Kinney, The Ex and The Raincoats, their sound is still very much their own take on facing forwards and relies as much on the naturalism of an internalised folk music as on their sincerity of vision. Since forming in 2009, Trash Kit have released two albums for Upset The Rhythm and a selection of singles, this July however they made their most majestic move yet with their resoundingly huge Horizon album. An album that forever listens for the next moment and will meet you once more at the vanishing point.

Child's Pose

CHILD’S POSE play punk-inflected pop music, something like if Elastica had built their home in the Slampt Underground instead of making a #1 record. Their caustic slash-and-burn style is sneering and ebullient all at once, detached yet intimate, trim and nervy songs that reward listen after listen, personnel from Woolf, Sauna Youth, Sarcasm, and Nekra sparking joy and dread in equal measure. It’s the sound of the first warm day of spring and the accompanying cans in the park and the crisp cool wind chasing you home at dusk, that sinister manic magic feeling of learning how to inhabit your body again after a long cold winter. It’s been winter for years now and we all need warming up. Let Child’s Pose take you with them.

The Plan

THE PLAN have perfected a stop/start abrasiveness with their stirring, woman-powered dispatches from Southend-On-Sea. Boasting members of Wetdog and Vic Goddard’s Subway Sect, they fuse post- punk with folk, no wave with psych. It’s a heady brew and endlessly inventive. Jangly Kinks guitar, cryptic lyricism, cherubic vocal harmonising, dervish leaps into The Ex-like noise... there’s enough room under this tarpaulin for everyone.

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