Thursday 16 May 2019, 7.30pm

Thiago Nassif

“The leading light of the new generation of Brazilian songwriters”
— Arto Lindsay

Thiago Nassif released his album "Três" in 2016 in Brazil through crowdfunding. The album was produced by Arto Lindsay (and also features tracks co-written with Lindsay, as well as guest appearances by the DNA founder), and featured contributions from some of Brazil’s most exciting talents from its new generation, such as Negro Leo and Domenico Lancelloti. Combining his influences from No-wave, electronic music and Tropicalismo, and inspired by artists such as Tom Zé, Ricardo Villalobos, Alva Noto, and James Chance, the album was released in the rest of the world by "FOOM" in 2018, a label that had previously released music by artists such as Rhys Chatham, Micachu, Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras, Peter Zummo, Peter Gordon, and Oliver Coates.

The album received the seal of approval from the “Dean of American rock critics,” Robert Christgau, who graded it A-, and was heavily played on BBC 3’s Late Junction, with Thiago appearing on the show as a guest in July 2018, as well as on the Bandcamp Weekly programme earlier in the same year.

In the meantime, Thiago Nassif has continued his collaboration with Arto Lindsay, co-producing and editing Lindsay’s recent "Cuidado Madame" album, and working on his follow-up to "Três" called "Mente", which he is co-producing with Arto Lindsay.