28–30 May 2020

The Dead C – Three-Day Residency

No Longer Available
No Longer Available
No Longer Available

“In this writer's opinion, The Dead C might just be the best rock act currently active.” – The Quietus

Over the moon to bring the legendary New Zealand trio of Bruce Russell, Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats, The Dead C, to OTO for a very special three-day residency. 

The Dead C’s improvised noise rock verges on disintegration with a trademark hazy disorientation, invariably evoking hypnotic and heavy moods. But The Dead C are no bummer. They seek liberation from shallow and easy rock conventions; amid the murk of cardboard box guitars, underwater vocals, and ramshackle drumming, a new consciousness emerges. The recognizable, sullen strumming, mumbling and lyrical ennui of Michael Morley, anchored by percussionist Robbie Yeats and punctuated by the atonal bursts of Bruce Russell coalesce in a solid front that mocks the efforts of schmaltz-peddling hacks. – Starlight Furniture Co

“They truly are an act wholly unto themselves, never once letting their flirtations with structure or melody establish authority over their compositions, nor letting their mesh of noise-drenched improvisations drift into formless meandering.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“The New Zealand noise trio remain as vital, corrosive, and challenging as ever.” – Pitchfork