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Thursday 26 July 2018, 7.30pm

Tal National + Howard Williams (DJ)

No Longer Available

“The music turns in wild and unexpected directions as psychedelic hues emerge and patterns form that may not have previously seemed possible… Despite the chaos of the incredible arrangements the group’s discipline never shows signs of losing focus… Tal National’s lineup may feature a traditional rock set up of guitar, bass and drums, but their intensity while keeping a relatively clean sound is quite unlike anything else. Distilling many popular African music styles, while never replicating any – it sounds purely like Tal National, and throughout Zoy Zoy their sound leaves no room to contemplate anything else once it sucks you in… Zoy Zoy really is top.” – The Quietus

By the time Tal National reached international acclaim with 2013's 'Kaani', the band's first release outside of Niger, they had spent more than a decade crisscrossing their native country, usually on dirt pathways through the Sahara, playing epic five-hour sets, seven days a week, selling their CDs on street corners and roundabouts. In the process, they became Niger's most popular band, with songs constantly blasted on national TV and cell phones everywhere. Following FatCat's release of 'Kaani', Western audiences and critics quickly embraced the band's singular and finely-honed sound. NPR were hit by "the band's tightness and fiery energy"; The Guardian praised "their full-tilt approach, and hypnotic intensity"; whilst Songlines wrote of "a rich, hybrid sound that draws on familiar West African elements to create something rewardingly fresh and different". FatCat released the dazzling follow-up, 'Zoy Zoy', on April 13th 2015, once again to great critical acclaim, with shouts from Pitchfork, Uncut, Afropop Worldwide, FADER, The Quietus and a cover feature on fRoots. With each heaping of praise, they all seemed to echo NPR’s assessment that “There’s no way you won’t dance to this one!”.