Friday 8 April 2016, 8pm

Sensational + Klein

No Longer Available

“If jazz experimentalist Sun Ra and manic-depressive lo-fi genius Daniel Johnston had a love child, he would surely be SENSATIONAL. Known to his fans as the king of “Freak Style”, avant-beats, and blunted flows, the former Colin Julius Bobb holds center court on hip-hop’s extreme outer rim.”

Sensational is an experimental hip hop artist based in New York. Over the last three decades he has challenged the boundaries and pre-conceived notions of hip-hop with his idiosyncratic surreal flows, lo-fi production and abstract approach to beat-making; utilising the likes of field recordings instead of any pre-recorded samples. Over time he has collaborated with the likes of Spectre, Kid 606 and Kouhei Matsunaga and released on labels as diverse as Ipecac, Matador and Werk Discs. He continues to be highly prolific to this day – constantly releasing new and challenging works.


Klein is a lowkey force to be reckoned with. A liveset on Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura’s first NTS radio show of 2016 preceded a video for ‘Arrange’, shot in parts in a blood red monochrome bedroom and taken from her debut album ‘ONLY’. The latter stage of the track courses through with off beat filtered percussion leading up to the “that heavy bit coming up”; awash with hums as the London based artist surfs the melodies of the introduced lighter tones. On ‘gaz city’ she nails in a mention of ‘WORTH’ before torching preconceptions of what fits inside what box with her singing, similar to her irisdescent adlibs on ‘babyfather chill’; a reference to Dean Blunt’s alias. Other influences range from brandy to kirk franklin. Hard to place, her capacity to surprise (even with one LP out so far).Not every artist is unique enough to change a landscape, or has to do be successful. However, with Klein, you get the sense she’s already made a head start on both. All at 18(?). In Bieber words ‘shes the fucking one.’