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Thursday 18 July 2019, 7.30pm

Robyn's Rocket

No Longer Available

Robyn's Rocket offers an evening adventure. There will be improvised music

Cafe OTO's stage will look like a spaceship and there will be projections of live art made live by a visual artist and Rucksack cinema.

The musicians who will be playing on the afternoon are:

  • The Jazz Biscuits (Robyn Steward and Andrew Foster)
  • The Valves of Surplus value (Robyn Steward, Ned Smith, Simon Yorkshire)
  • The Unreliabee Witnesseess (Grant Bail, Barry stir, Miss Demener, Dee Tecetive)
  • Lizze Emeh (songwriter and singer), Grrace Savage (Beatboxer) and JB Rose (Guitarist and vocalist)

This is a relaxed performance. This means:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • The social rules are relaxed so you can sit, dance or stand and you can leave the venue and come back at anytime in the afternoon
  • There will be communication badges to identify how much or how little communication you want with other people
  • There will be ear defenders and ear plugs available

Robyn's Rocket is supported by Help Musicians UK "do it differently fund" and PRSF (performing rights society foundation) and Heart N Soul.


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