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Wednesday 12 September 2018, 7.30pm

Robyn Steward @ Robyn’s Rocket

No Longer Available

Robyn’s Rocket is a immersive night of improvised music , breaking down the barrier between performer and audience it offers a emotive experience. Robyn’s Rocket is a relaxed performance meaning the usual gig social rules are more fluid so people can be more comfortable.

There will be 4  acts each with Robyn and different musicians  

- Act1 - New York EP (feat  TBC)

- Act 2 - Robyn Steward, George Cleghorn, Ned Smith Hat Trixs

- Act 3 - Robyn Steward and Kathy Hulme - The hairdressers

- Act 4 - Robyn Steward and Andy Diagram - Two horns

The relaxed act you’ll see


Robyn Steward
I am a musician author and educator; I play Trumpet through guitar effect pedals. I was classically trained age 8-15 but didn’t get anywhere as I have always been into Avante Garde minded, but in January 2016 I saw a band called Spaceheads. I also joined Tony Douglas MBE’s beginners big band and learnt how to use my ears

Kathy Hulme
Kathy was in the Honkies with Andy and plays cello, piano and sings. She also teaches Alexander Technique. Kathy is also a poet.

Andy Diagram
Andy plays trumpet through effects, mainly loopers and harmonizers. He has been playing with various bands around the world since the early 80s when he was part of the Manchester music scene of that time. He plays in a duo with drummer Richard Harrison called Spaceheads who were the spark for using effects with my trumpet.

George Cleghorn
George can be find playing with Bob & Roberta Smith’s Apathy Band. I met George playing a birthday gig for Bridgport Dagger at the Lexington. George is in almost every type of band/genre playing sax and EWI ( electronic wind instrument) through effects and creating fantastical soundscapes

Ned Smith
Ned works with Heart N Soul who are a organisation who believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities. They run art workshops for children and adults with learning disabilities and also have a artist development programme. Ned has toured across the world with Heart N Soul and played at the opening of the Paralympic games. Ned plays sax, percussion and keyboards. He also teaches Salsa.