Monday 12 August 2019, 7.30pm

Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raasted + Joe Beedles

No Longer Available

“It’s sort of like the difference between using a representation of fog to symbolise some emotional state, and actually being wrapped in fog, if that makes sense: the music both hides its form and elicits the desire to know that same form. It may be the case that we are hard-wired at some subconscious level to interpret low pitches and unclear tonality as a sign of something dark and doomy, but May and Raasted have created music that manages to transcend those instincts and arrive at a very interesting and beguiling place.” – Nathan Thomas, Fluid Radio

Ragnhild May

Born 1988 (lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark)

Though her installations, sculptures and performances, Ragnhild May seeks to break down the traditional boundaries between visual arts and music. Her starting point for her works her interest in the relationship between sound, materiality and human bodies, thus she has created several self-designed instruments, playing with the idea of cyborgs, robots as well as the cultural history of music, sound and instruments. May received herMFA at Bard College NY and Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Aarhus.

Performances and exhibitions include the Danish National Gallery, Issue Project Room (US), Super Deluxe (Jp), Copenhagen Contempoary, Khiasma Paris (FR).

Kristoffer Raasted

Born 1988 Copenhagen, Denmark

Kristoffer Raasted is a artist and musician. He received his MFA in Media Arts and Art Theory at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art (DK). With his musical background as a percussionist and classical singer, he is working with sound in the context of traditional visual arts media.

Joe Beedles

Joe Beedles is an artist working with audio, video and lights. Primarily an electronic musician, Joe also creates gallery installations that often see him removing himself allowing autonomous systems to generate content from algorithms or pre-set rules; where audio elements trigger lighting and projections simultaneously.

Drawing from and abstracting elements associated with different electronic music subcultures: skewed modular dubs and electroacoustic computer music techniques are synchronised with rapid projections and strobe lighting in real-time.

Joe explores the threshold between the real and the simulated in a pseudo-synesthetic fashion; hyperreal CGI avatars and warped footage of the surrounding environment are coupled with uncannily synthesised acoustic spaces and real world recordings.

His work has been featured in both club and gallery contexts in Canada, China and across the UK. His hypnotic AV live show has been featured at Future Everything festival at The Whitworth, Manchester, No Bounds festival in Sheffield and Cafe OTO in London. Joe has held residencies at The Banff Centre, Canada (2016) and CFCCA’s AiR exchange to Chongqing, China (2017).