Thursday 8 November 2018, 7.30pm, OTO Project Space

Photo by Vicki Davis


No Longer Available

Masquerading as imposters and pranksters, AMM All-Stars are actually a worked-out reply to Cornelius Cardew, Maoist illusion and every brand of Free Improvisation. Weekly outings on Late Lunch with Out To Lunch, Ben Watson's Resonance FM radio show (2pm Wednesdays), have honed a musical unit capable of handling any contingency, from Jack Wright's outsider saxophone to the songs of the whale and the typewriter of Luke Davis, public poet. AMM stands for Association of Musical Marxists, and the All-Stars criticise the commodification of improvisation ("art") without qualm: use value versus exchange value as both polemic and construct: OTL - vocals, keyboards; Dave Black - electric guitar; Paul Shearsmith - trumpet; Graham Davis - synths; Peter Baxter - drums. We vote Jeremy Corbyn, prefer Freddie Hubbard to Miles, and care less about Brexit. Our allies in this hunt for the Holy Grail of Musical Truth? Psychedelic Bolsheviks. Guests at the Project Space are - at the very least: Jack Wright (tenor sax), Luke Davis (typewriter), Stephen Denholm (keyboards), Dave Dawson (guitar), Ben Moran-Healy and Rob Jones of the Psychedelic Bolsheviks (banjo, melodica, brocialist dancing) and Robert Goldsmith (baritone saxophone).

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