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Saturday 22 April 2017, 8pm, OTO Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Infinity >< Sound

No Longer Available

Infinity >< Sound come back to the Project Space with a sound installation specially conceived by Simone Salvatici for Earth day, April 22nd, exploring the concept of coexistence, energetic transition, meditation, self reflection.

Blurring the boundaries between sound therapy, sound art, free improvisation, sound installation and performance, high quality gongs will be blended with auto - generative patches from modular synth wizards Dom Mino’ and David Harris and processed by computer of sound alchemist Andrea Salvatici to take the listener into a musical inner journey.

The installation-performance is formed by 3 parts: Formation-Exploitation-Transformation mimicking 3 phases of hystory of the earth.

1 Formation
Inspired by the concept of the birth of our solar system this section explores chaos and random sounds from the gongs and synths increasing energetically and of intensity until imploding.
2 Exploitation
Each gong is directly confronted with a the sound of a synth tuned with its resonant fundamental. The amplified sound will be projected straight from the back of the gong while played, creating infinite modulation.
3 Transformation.
The gongs will be processed by a master processor the computer, creating a new musical order.

The length of the performance is roughly 3 hours but people are welcome to step in and out as they wish.

The aim is to create a space that facilitate the listener to enter an altered state of consciousness reflection and contemplation therefore bringing the audience to a deeper state of the 'Here and Now', with an increase of awareness of inner time and space.

People entering in this dimension would have the opportunity to pass by or stop for an undetermined amount of time of their choice and experience this new time and space in any way they wish.
So you are very welcome to bring a yoga mat, a blanket, cuschions, or anything to enjoy the sound for as long as you feel/need.

Starts at 8:00
The event is free but a small donation will be immensely appreciated.