Thursday 8 July 2021, 9.15pm

Ongemang: exploring the spaces in between Kit Downes with Tom Challenger & Lauren Kinsella - LATE SHOW

No Longer Available

Please note that due to the need for social distancing caused by the government's delay in easing covid restrictions, this show has been split into two performances. If you have a ticket for the original show please check your email for an update. Both the early and late shows will start soon after door time.

Kit Downes and Tom Challenger have created a collection of interpretive melodies connected by improvising singers – in this event, they are joined by Irish vocalist, improviser and composer Lauren Kinsella.

Ongemang started with many initial individual components – a midnight exploration of song in a church in Salzburg, to a trip to the misty Faroe Islands to witness Kingo singing, to collective improvisations with harmonium during a hurricane in Galway – and during this second phase of the project they add another musical meeting to this journey, in the in-between.

Kit Downes / piano, harmonium, cello

Tom Challenger / saxophone, cassette player/sampler

Lauren Kinsella / voice

Pedro Valasco / visuals

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