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Monday 12 November 2018, 7.30pm

Majutsu No Niwa + Aoki Tomoyuki / Harutaka Mochizuki

No Longer Available

“A full-bore exercise in rock positivity.” – The WIRE

Proclaimed as the last real psychedelic band from Tokyo, Majutsu No Niwa were established in 2008, out of ashes of former band, Rinji Fukuoka’s Overhang Party with its 17 years of history. Up to the present they've released 6 albums, including 2015's “The Night Before” which received acclaim from WIRE magazine, Brainwashed and more. Its musicality spans tranquil singing to enormous dynamics whilst embracing drone and improvisation, whilst never neglecting the Eternal Rock’n Roll Theatre.

[A] peerless approach to space and psychedelic rock.” – Brainwashed

Aoki Tomoyuki / Harutaka Mochizuki

Aoki Tomoyuki is mostly known with as the guitarist & vocalist of Up-Tight (Alchemy records, 8mm) and for more than 2 decades he has been behind some albums which mix plaintive echo-drenched imprecations, love of bitter-sweet folk and blissfully nihilistic guitar noise reminiscent of Les Rallizes Denudes and Mizutani’s velvetian ballads.

Harutaka Mochizuki is a multi-instrumentalist, mostly known his saxophone improvisations recalling like the same other lonely satellites and solo thinkers like Masayoshi Urabe, Arthur Doyle, Anthony Braxton and Kaoru Abe.

Aoki and Harutaka recorded together for a couple of years and this is their first new collaboration after a remarkable self-released CD that saw the light in 2014.
And they recorded "Enka Mood Collection" for AN'ARCHIVES label in 2016
Terribly human, passionate and intense, their association is just one of the most inspiring and burning free unit since the apex of the P.S.F era.

Tomoyuki Aoki (UP-TIGHT) http://www.uptight.info/
Harutaka Mochizuki http://www.geocities.jp/fuzainoisu/