Thursday 13 October 2016, 8pm

Los Siquicos Litoralenos + Skull Mask + Rubber O Cement

No Longer Available

“Los Siquicos are the most relevant modern-day link to the South American legacies of tropicalia, cumbia, chicha, and psychedelia. They eliminate all the menus, re-configure your eyesight, heat the skins on your eardrums, and dance atop that big rhinoceros in your living room. And wherever they choose to navigate from here, you will feel an urge to follow, but you will never catch them.” – Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls / Sublime Frequencies)

You’d be forgiven for thinking this Argentinean quartet had actually travelled forward in time from the heyday of Brazilian Tropicalia, heard Torch of The Mystics and immediately headed to the nearest recording studio to produce their debut album, Sonido Chipadelico. The album has been given a helping hand reaching US and European ears via Mark Gergis’ small but perfectly formed Sham Palace label and its wacky (in the best sense), psychedelic and can very satisfyingly often sound like Os Mutantes and Caroliner at the same time. – Tusk

Skull Mask

SKULL MASK is Mexico’s Miguel Perez, emitting stream-of-consciousness compositions via steel-strung acoustic guitar, melding with dub and found sound interactions. Residing squarely on the US/Mexico border, Skull Mask came to us via the fevered advocacy of the Radio Free Midwich blog (you all need to bookmark that site when you get home). As RFM describe his sound, “Miguel Perez…packs his atlas and strolls the deserts of this world (and the next) on the sun-damaged Artificio y Fetiche. The taught and springy acoustic steel-string has a slight reverb warble as Miguel conjures up the skitter of a green lizard’s quick limbs, the poisonous spines of a cactus and the glassy psychedelics found in handfuls of sand. – Tusk

Rubber O Cement

Rubber O Cement are from California’s Bay Area and hold tires as the true inheritors of the Earth standing alongside other concept & prop topping acts like Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet, The Residents, Bran (Pos), Caroliner Rainbow Hernia Milk Queen, & Ghoul. Arising in late-90s, surreality is a key ingredient for Rubber O Cement, gaudy cardboard worlds enshrining performances of truly deranged synth and guitar sounds and frankly bizarre, costumed theatrics that may possibly only make sense when communicated via their own (yet to be designed) language. Robots, aliens and dinosaurs fall about the stage, creating music with a rhythm and trajectory all its own. Rubber O Cement are peerless and impossible to do justice to with words, but seeing them at TUSK is, love it or hate it, not going to be a spectacle you’ll be able to erase from your mind any time soon. – Tusk