Tuesday 16 July 2024, 7.30pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

London Improvisers Orchestra (feat. Terry Day)

£14 £12 Advance £7 MEMBERS

Formed in summer of 1998, the London Improvisers Orchestra has been dedicated to large ensemble conducted improvisation, or ‘Conduction’, and free improvisation, for over 25 years.

The orchestra was formed from the ashes of the 1997 touring group of American improviser Butch Morris, the pioneering inventor of Conduction. Since its birth, the group has had hundreds of members pass through its ranks, including Evan Parker, Pat Thomas, Byron Wallen, John Edwards, Lol Coxhil, Caroline Kraabel, and Mark Sanders. To this day, the group is led by founding member Steve Beresford, an icon of the UK’s improvisation movement.

The 16th July performance at Cafe OTO will feature a full spectrum of LIO members, from founding members to first-timers.



Charlotte Keeffe - Trumpet, Vocals
Phil Minton - Trumpet, Vocals
Sam Eastmond - Trumpet
Loz Speyer - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jonny Martin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alex Paxton - Trombone
Julian Faultless - Horn

Julia Brüssel - Violin
Susanna Ferrar - Violin
Tansy Spinks - Violin
Faradena Afifi - Vocals, Viola
Ivor Kallin - Viola
Keisuke Matsui - Cello

Neil Metcalfe - Flute
John Eyles - Alto Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone
Adrian Northover - Soprano Saxophone
George Garford - Alto Saxophone
Oliver Jarvis - Tenor Saxophone
Christopher Hill - Clarinet
Theo Finkel - Clarinet, Basset Horn
Maureen Wolloshin - Oboe, Cor Anglais
Georgina Brett - Oboe
Tasos Stamou - Digital Horn

Steve Beresford - Piano
Olga Ksendzovska - Keyboard, Organ, Melodica
Martin Hackett - Melodica
Douglas Benford - Melodica, Tenor Recorder

Julian Woods - Microtonal Guitar
John Bisset - Lap Steel Guitar
Bettina Schroeder - Electric Ukulele

Fergus Quill - Double Bass

Terry Day - Drums
Dave Fowler - Drums
Adam Bohman - Prepared strings & objects

Milana Sarukhanyan - Vocals
Aurelie Freoua - Vocals, Drawing
Jacob Fitzgerald - Vocals, Percussion, Objects
Gina Fergione - Vocals, Nose flute

Ashley Wales
Julia Brüssel
Adam Bohman
Loz Speyer
Steve Beresford
Charlotte Keeffe
Olga Ksendzovska