Wednesday 17 April 2019, 7.30pm

Lemones + Triple Negative

“Lemones is born in the bedlam of the highly dynamic underground of Brussel. A (so-called) crap wave explosion that impersonates the best of no wave and dada performance — although they are too unique to reduce them to one or two art movements. Lemones practice the absurd as a highly form of art, rock ’n’ roll becomes a readymade in which self build instruments, chaotic songs and brutal energy are channeled towards a next level; be not mistaken, there is serious poetry in play!” – Kraak


Lemones are Maarten Raskin, Steven Bertels and Paul Boudeau. The band sounds unpolished, brutal and trashy. To this end they developed self-built, lemon-shaped instruments. In 2016 they debuted with 'Parasites by the thrashboard side'- a 7” single on the label Swallowing Helmets that Maarten and Steven run – under the same name they also organise one-day exhibitions and concerts in their studio in Molenbeek.

Since their existence, Lemones played a series of concerts that are critically acclaimed for their highly energetic character, standing out in its absurdist performance quality, but also as equally pure rock ‘n’ roll in its most brutal and inspiring form.

Triple Negative

Madame Tlank & Clinical Wasteman & others. Bayern Tāmaki Makaurau/northsouth London, since 1989/2003/2016.

Vulnerable adults born in the wrong place, put out too tender & possessed by spite. There’s nothing not superficial about it: an animus nursed with bad bad grace. Absentee panelbeating (Tascam stand-ins), raised voices, knock-off Glock & cheap Vamvakaristic Spiel.

Incorporates Philosophie Queen (+microcosmically: THE MEAN STREAKS). May contain traces of Heliogabalus, $urp!u$, Aufgehoben & S.P.U.D.

“Death-affirming!” - Dean ‘Sonny’ Blount

“Just stop feeding them” - Dean Swift