Saturday 9 April 2022, 8pm

Drawing by Michael Speers

John Wall + Ex Continent + Louise Le Du + Luciano Maggiore & Michael Speers + D Mannino & J Rice

No Longer Available

Fantastic line-up assembled by Michael Speers, marking the release of his new album ‘Ground Drum’ due out on anòmia.

John Wall

Born 1950
Started composing 1990 and still going.
Played and collaborated with some good people.
There is no promotional visual youtube material.
To listen to my work or read a review
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Ex Continent

Ex Continent's electronic music is shaped by systems that coexist and communicate with each other, enabling the interaction of all possible elements as part of the same habitat.
His works are formalised as an organisation of sounds, shapes and events where external interventions often just happen. He also coordinates the anòmia platform.

Louise Le Du

Musician captivated by chaotic, untamable sound patterns. My work follows a strong desire for poetry. I am intrigued by its ability to open spaces where the imaginary invades the real, subtly changing our modes of expression and ways to experience the world. I pay particular attention to sonic environments which are not easily accessed by humans - especially at the microscopic scale - using technology as a tool to feed the imagination with natural phenomena.

Luciano Maggiore

Luciano Maggiore is a Palermo-born, London-based musician whose work is characterised by the use of speakers and analogue/digital devices (samplers, CD players, Walkmans, tape recorders) and which addresses the performativity of the musical act, the perception of it, and the obscurity that emanates from it. His interests include mechanisms of sound diffusion, performance, repetition, endurance, non-human animal languages, dance and folklore. With Louie Rice, he started NO-PA/PA-ON, a project that deals with performing score-based works, both acoustic and amplified.

Photo by Bradford Bailey

Michael Speers

(b.1992) a musician from Northern Ireland, currently based in France.
Working with natural & synthetic sound material—using drums, computer, microphones, feedback—in live performance and composition.
Currently focused on the actual and notional representation of the ground drum.
Collaborators include Paul Abbott (as yPLO) John Wall, Louise Le Du and Luciano Maggiore.
Recordings published by Anòmia, Takuroku, Krim Kram, Wasted Capital Since 2013 and C.A.N.V.A.S.