Saturday 14 May 2022, 7pm


No Longer Available

Fantastic line-up from the Swedish-based iDEAL label, who have been releasing electronic music, experimental stuff, drone depths, pulsating minimal acid and techno, since 1998.

John Duncan

Contemporary artist John Duncan lives and works in Bologna, Italy. His body of work spans performance, video, experimental music, installation, pirate radio and television genres, often involving the use of recorded sound— including recordings from shortwave radio, field recordings and voice. His events and installations are a form of existential research, often confrontational in nature. Duncan has worked with the Los Angeles Free Music Society and artists Chris & Cosey, z'ev, Pan Sonic and Jim O'Rourke. iDEAL has collaborated with John Duncan for a decade releasing several of his more recent key works.

Saturn and the Sun

Saturn and the Sun is sound and conceptual artist Henrik Rylander and iDEAL boss Joachim Nordwall. They have since their start in 2015 made an impact with their harsh, pulsating electronic music that draws attention from both techno and noise heads. Most recently, their album ”The New Age Is Shit” was released on Moscow based Stellage. Nordwall has worked with artists like Mats Gustafsson, Christine Abdelnour, Mika Vainio and CM von Hausswolff. Rylander was part of the Union Carbide Productions garage rock outfit. And together they played in ritual rock band The Skull Defekts.

Nick Klein

Nick Klein is an electronic music artist from the south and the north of the eastern United States. Klein practices as a recording artist who runs radio programs, a label, and events under the working title “ Psychic Liberation “.Klein has released record and tape editions with iDEAL Recordings, L.I.E.S., Viewlexx, BANK, Alter, Monorail Trespassing, Unknown Precept, Angoisse, Ascetic House, and more globally. Klein is interested in loud volume as form, and the sociology and ideology that presents in self-identifying music subcultures. His work investigates these tropes through touring extensively in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Klein spent the majority of his time in New York organizing performances for artists of the electronic music milieu operating on the fringe territories of experimental music circles. At the end of 2019 Klein relocated to Europe. He continues to expand his studio practice while writing for Swiss magazine Zweikommasieben, monthly radio projects for Montez Press, and curating his Psychic Liberation imprint. 


Memotone is one of the various aliases of self-taught multi-instrumentalist and composer, Will Yates. Predominantly an improviser, working with minimal, ambient and contemporary classical music. Recent years have seen memotone lean towards a more free-form approach, exploring jazz, drone and more meditative musics, often emphasising the give and take between close harmony and dissonance, and showing a keen interest in sound design and textural experimentation. His last LP dropped on Accidental Meetings, full of back-alley jazz and blissful oddities. Following previous work for entities such as Black Acre, Disktopia & Termina. Not to mention supplying instrumentation for Batu's debut album, and scoring works for Palace Skateboards.


Officine is hard working Paris based trio working in the tradition of the no wave / noise rock energies. Inspired by bands MARS, Pussy Galore and Black Dice, they rule their own corner of the more intense part of today’s out there rock scene. Officine is an important part of the underground scene of Paris. A new 12”  is released by iDEAL in 2022.