Wednesday 17 November 2021, 7.30pm

GLARC presents: Able Noise + Sholto Dobie + soft tissue + Dahlia

No Longer Available

Glasgow's GLARC label returns to OTO with a scintillating quadruple bill, headed up Able Noise, an experimental baritone guitar and drum duo, based between The Hague, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece. 

Able Noise

Alex and George are Able Noise, an experimental baritone guitar and drum duo, based between The Hague, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece. 

They released their debut album ‘Recordings’ on GLARC in October 2020, following a smattering of songs put up on Bandcamp and Youtube. 

The duo came to GLARC’s attention through label alumni Bamya & Horse Whisperer, after playing in Glasgow on a tour across the weirder DIY spaces of Europe. They share some ground with an assortment of younger musicians - including Tara Clerkin Trio, Still House Plants and Wendy Eisenberg – who take established instrumentational forms (guitar, drums), an interest in free improvisation, and a willingness to explore a palette of emotion, live ‘sampling’ and ‘pop’ melody within such frames. ‘Recordings’ marked Able Noise’s first attempt to put their sound into recorded form, having so far focused on the live performance, and this is the duo’s first chance to tour in Britain since the release of the album. 


Sholto Dobie

Sholto Dobie is an artist and performer living in London. He uses loose structures and and array of instruments including home-made organs and bagpipes, field recordings, guitar, concertina and anything else that comes to hand. His performances are personal and intuitive, often coming across as delicate, evocative, and absurd.

He has presented solo performances at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Cafe OTO, Glasgow International and CCA, Glasgow. He has released music on Cosmovisión registros andinos and OtoRoku. He regularly collaborates with Ben Pritchard, and has played in combinations with Ashley Paul, Mark Harwood, Lia Mazzari, United Bible Studies, Billy Steiger and Ivor Kallin.

He is also runs the event series Muckle Mouth which he founded in 2014 and co-curates at The Horse Hospital in London.

Sholto Dobie

soft tissue

soft tissue is a collaboration between Glasgow-based artists and musicians Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins. Working with DIY electronics, domestic recordings and digital feedback, the duo plays within networks of lo-fi amplification, blurring the boundaries between initiated and environmental sounds. In December 2019 soft tissue released their self-titled debut on Penultimate Press, and new work is due to be released by Students of Decay and GLARC in early 2022.Listen: 


Dahlia (aka Gordon Bruce) is a producer attempting to explore the frantic and playful sides of dance music. An EP is forthcoming with Accidental subsidiary NX Records, featuring collaborations with Luki, Ailia Coila and others. 

Listen :