Tuesday 15 October 2019, 7.30pm

Fuji Yuki + 821

FUJI YUKI is a Japanese female vocalist as know as member of the ethereal drone pop duo "Sarry". She is influenced by ancient music, Buddhist ritual music, Krautrock, Progressive rock, Noise music and abstract experimental music. Vocal style is including a little unusual singing approach - minimal phrase repetition, voice drone, etc. Her voice works as one of a great instruments. Many kinds of home and abroad artists have expected and played with her original abstract sounds.

"If it were possible to project sound through a crystal, it would probably sound something like this. Like a book of prophecy where multiple speculations are blended together, its intimations and allusions left obscure. And at the same time it's like infringing some taboo by creating a rapport with memories of a distant, past life. Weird hymns that waver between curiosity and dread." – Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple)


Half of Sarry, 821 is a japanese bass guitar player, composer, improviser who perform in japanese experimental music scene. 821 builds his music in an accumulation of drone strata with electronic effects. He is also a member of several Kansai groups, including the psyche / rock group Hibushibure, the Nasca Car techno / noise combo and the Jacobs Ladder post-punk band.