Tuesday 19 April 2022, 8pm

Another Timbre presents: Federico Pozzer + Lucio Tasca

No Longer Available

Federico Pozzer is a composer, performer, and researcher. Starting from the heritage of experimental music practices, his current work explores relationships between performers’ breathing, indeterminacy, and timing in composition and performance.

Federico composed pieces for pianist Kate Ledger, flautist Kathryn Williams, composer and performer Joseph Kudirka, among others. His compositions have been performed at MINIMALISM Festival 2.0 (London), Ostrava Days (Czech Republic), Splendor (Amsterdam), Constellation (Chicago), University of Huddersfield, KM28 (Berlin), London New Wind Festival. His recordings have been broadcasted by Keith F’eM, Concertzender Radio, and Radio 3.

In 2019 his CD ‘Breaths’ was released by Another Timbre. He is now finishing his PhD at the University of Leeds where he is supervised by Dr Scott McLaughlin and Dr Mic Spencer.

-Info and Interview

-Review of ‘Breaths’ (Ben Harper, ‘Boring Like A Drill’)

‘Pozzer / Tasca’

- 1st set:
77 notes (Joseph Kudirka) 2’30’’
Breath II (Federico Pozzer) 12’
Brought to a quiet haven (Joseph Kudirka) 19’

- 2nd set:
Lots and lots for us to do (James Saunders) 8’
Couples II (Federico Pozzer) 8’
Text Score 2: Change gradually (Lucio Tasca) 10’

Lucio Tasca

Lucio Tasca (Palermo, Sicily) is a composer and guitarist.

His music explores micro-differences such as oscillations, imperfections, and cracks that occur within the execution of the musical material, focusing on their potential to act as a form of spontaneous microscopic emergent ornamentation.

He studied composition with Bryn Harrison and Aaron Cassidy at the University of Huddersfield, where he is now undertaking a Ph.D.

Recent pieces have been performed by Francesco Dillon, Ensemble Impronta, Funktion, International Contemporary Ensemble, Christopher Redgate, Dejana Sekulic, OHHe Supercluster, Philip Thomas and Kathryn Williams among others.

Recent album releases include One Breath for solo Flute in Kathryn Williams CD Coming up for Air (Huddersfield Contemporary Records), and as guitarist, music by Ryoko Akama, recorded with Apartment House (Another Timbre) and music by Federico Pozzer (Another Timbre).