Saturday 19 January 2019, 7.30pm

Ectoplasm Girls + Nadine Byrne (solo) + Leyden Jars

No Longer Available

Ectoplasm Girls is an audiovisual ongoing project initiated in 2007 by sisters Nadine Byrne and Tanya Byrne, with the intention of expressing their joint fascination and experiences with death and dreams, manifesting these subjects trough sound and video.

"Nadine and Tanya Byrne create pop music for the phenomenal world. Taking influence from punk, industrial and minimal wave, the Swedish duo have released two unnerving records as The Ectoplasm Girls on Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL imprint, crafting distant and muted sounds for the unsettled sleeper. As solo artists, their material investigates liminal spaces: this year Nadine released Dreaming Remembering, a record that abstracts techno and drone into songs of broken memories, while Tanya has released solo material as Hypnotower, experimenting with noise-drenched trance on Unlearn. With a multi-media performance that includes improvised music and visuals, Bates Mill Photographic Studio provides a fitting twilight zone for The Ectoplasm Girls." – HCMF

Nadine Byrne

Nadine Byrne is a musician and visual artist based in Stockholm. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice spans across sound, sculpture, performance and film. She often explores themes of memory and loss originating in her own personal history. Her practice is also informed by her fascination towards visual and social manifestations of alternative constructions of reality. Byrne has performed internationally and released albums as part of the ongoing audiovisual project Ectoplasm Girls together with her sister Tanya Byrne, and solo under the name The Magic State (2008-2011) as well as under her own name. Her latest album ’Dreaming Remembering' was released in May 2018 on iDEAL Recordings.

Leyden Jars

Home brew electronics and other sonic disturbances, occupied hands (two pairs), some albums on the unimpeachable Mordant Music, fresh emissions due in 2020 via the exceptional Outer Reaches label.

“They use electronic materials, but they seem aged and tweaked in an organic way, somehow. It is not only the obscured vocals that give Heat Death a human touch: these synths and electro-acoustics appear to be learning how to breathe.” – Norman Records Heat Death album review

“Observing. Cataloging. Quietly moving through three dimensions whilst plainly coming from the fourth.” – Peter Marks of Santa Sangre

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