Sunday 4 July 2021, 7.30pm

Duncan Harrison + Ash Reid & Jackson + Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore

No Longer Available

Great, mind-bending triple bill featuring Brighton's Duncan Harrison, who released an all new work of bizarre and beautiful junk-concrete, pieced together from unedited phone recordings on our in-house TakuRoku label earlier this year; Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore, whose TakuRoku release 'Synthesised voices and low frequencies to eat crisps with' conjured concrete poetry for the flaccid digital age (and for fans of crisps); and Ash Reid & Jackson, who will be playing recent works, plus excerpts from their forthcoming album currently being recorded at OTO.

Duncan Harrison

Denizen of a multitude of ensembles and outfits, Harrison is as capable of sense-deflating vocal cut-ups and found-sound as he is playing straight(ish) hardcore. For the fort he’ll be bringing his more outré stylings. Harrison’s work is dense with removal, of sense or logic, but rarely delivered without an inviting sense of humour that restitutes his work from the realm of high, arch academic pomposity.

Ash Reid & Jackson

Ash and Jackson aka Ambient Juice are the tribute band.

Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore

Luciano Maggiore and Louie Rice continue to explore a shared interest in auditory phasing and an expansion of the spatialisation of sound beyond the stereo field. Aiming to reach beyond the confines of electro acoustic music to develop a type of performance referencing conceptual and performance art, folk singing, dance choreography and minimalist composition amongst other things.

photo by Lorenzo Burlando

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