Thursday 28 November 2019, 7.30pm

Danish Sound Archaeology

No Longer Available

The Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology is a label as well as an independent association with the overall purpose of uncovering and releasing historical Danish electronic music and sound art. For this special event they present a talk and listening session focused on some of the cases and artists they work with.

The first part will focus on ‘odd' and obscure cases:

- The Danish tape amateurs (regular folks making electronic music and sound collages at home on their reel to reel recorders. Completely outside the classical compositional understanding of electronic music and the studio system in the 1950s-1970s).
- Christian A. Volf (a Danish independent ‘scientist' who developed a method of sound therapy with electronic sine tones in the 1940s, built his own equipment and instruments)
- Young Danish Art’s Tape Series (a tape series of sound works by a group of quite well-known visual artists, issued in 1969 as a sort of magazines on reel to reel tapes, which you could subscribe to).

The second part will focus on the composers Henning Christiansen and Bent Lorentzen.