Thursday 24 November 2022, 8pm

Clara de Asís / Ryoko Akama

No Longer Available

Clara de Asís / electronics, percussion, field recordings
Ryoko Akama / amplified objects, field recordings

Debut OTO performance for the enthralling, multifaceted pairing of artists, Clara de Asís and Ryoko Akama, following the release of their sisbiosis album on erstwhile.

Ryoko Akama

A Japanese-Korean working with installation, performance and composition, residing in Huddersfield, UK.

Her works sculpt domestic appliances and scrap wastes with invisible energy, especially interested in heat, magnetism and gravity, into kinetic contraptions. her works are site-specific, infusing both aural / visual occurrence as one entity, creating ephemeral situations that magnify silence, time and space. Interested in nature of relativity, culture and ecosystem, her artistic practice examines environment, architecture, immigration, conflict and fluidity of being.

She also composes and performs alternative scores and text works in collaboration with other artists and musicians worldwide. She is a member of the lappetites, electronic musician collective since 2000 and a member of the 9-piece band a.hop.

She is an artistic director for ame c.i.c., supporting DIY culture and underground art/music scene. She also co-runs the independent publisher mumei publishing and melange edition.

Clara de Asís

Clara de Asís (b. 1988, Spain) is a composer and sound artist who explores the nexus of acoustics, spatiality, alternative notation and the phenomenology of listening.

Alongside her compositions, her performance practice involves the use of electronics, various materials and found objects, transcending musical categories towards the experience of sound and placing the act of listening at the core of the creative process.

She develops the notion of simplicity as an aesthetic principle.

Her works have been presented throughout Europe, America and Asia, in the form of concerts, premieres and installations. In 2020 her piece Comme de loin was honoured with a State Commission from the Ministry of Culture in France. She has been commissioned by prominent institutions such as GMEA Centre National de Création Musicale, Dara String Festival, Museo Reina Sofía Madrid, Sonic Art Research Unit Oxford, Helsinki Hiljaisen Musiikin Konsertti, among others. Clara de Asís has composed a variety of works for diverse ensembles, and performs widely across Europe.