27 to 29 October 2022

Camille Émaille – Three Day residency, featuring Fred Frith, Hans Koch & more

£32 Advance £28 MEMBERS
£14 £12 Advance £10 MEMBERS
£14 £12 Advance £10 MEMBERS
£14 £12 Advance £10 MEMBERS

Thrilled to present a very special three-day residency with French percussionist, Camille Émaille, whose most recent release, Belisama – the metallic roots, was a huge highlight of our Takuroku digital series.

Having been invited several times by Peter Brötzmann to play with him and others, as well as collaborating with Lê Quah Ninh, Fritz Hauser, Fred Frith and more during the last few years, Émaille has presented numerous solo and group performances around the world. The performances of Camille Émaille are balanced as much as sound sculpture. It is an architecture that is both precarious and spectacular, a tenuous and tense dramaturgy that is played there, melee and animal with a molten sound material that it kneads or operates.

"In these three days that the cafe OTO has generously offered to me I have for the first time the opportunity to present the variety of my work through the main musical projects that I have been co-leading with all the other musicians. Bringing them all together gives me the sensation of (almost) completing the puzzle of myself. All the musicians present are definitively close friends for more or less a long time. Like Xavière Fertin, the first one with whom I started to improvise or Gabriel Valtchev that I have known since I'm 12 years old. Others, like Fred Frith, Hans Koch or Peter Brötzmann are very important figures and meeting in my musical and human development. Most of the band use improvisation, but I use different set up in almost all of them, as they all have very different identities that were born through the time. This is something that amazes me, how many sides of ourselves we have and how much they need different musicians, humans to be expressed." – Camille Émaille

Day 1

- GÉSIR : Camille Emaille / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Julien Dessailly
- Nina Garcia (solo)
- ESCARGOT: Xavière Fertin / Louis Frêres / Tom Malmendier / Camille Emaille

Day 2

- Xavière Fertin / Louis Frêres
- OTTO : Gabriel Valtchev / Pol Small / Camille Emaille
- Fred Frith / Camille Emaille / Louis Frêres

Day 3

- Hans Koch / Dieb13 / Camille Emaille
- Gabriel Valtchev (solo)
- Nina Garcia / Camille Emaille

Camille Émaille

Camille Émaille is a French percussionist born in 1993 in Nice. She studied at the Musik-Akademie of Basel (Switzerland) with Christian Dierstein on contemporary music and with Fred Frith on free improvisation where she got a Bachelor Degree in percussion with Excellence in 2018. In 2016 she was a guest scholar at Mills College and studied there with William Winant, Fred Frith and Roscoe Mitchell. In 2017 she released her first solo album on the portugese label Creatives Sources Recordings. She considers music a part of everything, part of everyday life. That’s why she began to improvise, to feel music more as a flux, as something which is already here, something that we (the musician and the audience) just jump into… She works with many artists from varying fields, such as video, muppet theatre, shadow theater with the show Fontanalbe and plays in the musical projects Oxke Fixu (duo with clarinet),  Ghoast (duo with american saxophonist Tom Weeks), ESCARGOT (her quintet with Timothée Quost on trumpet, Xavière Fertin on clarinet, Louis Frères on e-bass and Tom Malmendier on drums). She used to organize and play in « wild » events, happenings that took place in unusual locations such as closed tunnels, abandoned hospitals, highway bridges, old synagogues (festival Myosotis); events where people go without any knowledge of what will transpire…

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