Tuesday 10 May 2022, 8pm

Drawing by Natalie Kynigopoulou

Calling Cards Publishing: Natalie Kynigopoulou + Hannah Dargavel-Leafe + Giuseppe Mistretta + Malvern Brume (DJ set)

No Longer Available

Excellent line-up from Calling Cards Publishing, featuring London-based, Cypriot/Swedish artist Natalie Kynigopoulou, sculptor/sound artist Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, and Glasgow based artist and writer Giuseppe Mistretta.


Natalie Kynigopoulou

Natalie Kynigopoulou is a Cypriot/Swedish artist based in London, working with sound, film, installation, and performance. Natalie will be performing live to mark the launch of her new cassette, pause box on Calling Cards Publishing. pause box employs sound ecologies as a medium through which to tell a story, representing a convergence of concerns relating to non-linear systems and enchanted landscapes.

Natalie Kynigopoulou holds an MA from the Slade School of Fine Art. Her recent solo show was hosted at Garage Arts Space, Cyprus, My Mistress's Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun, 2020, organised by the Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation.

a pause box has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


Hannah Dargavel-Leafe

Hannah Dargavel-Leafe works with sound in the expanded field of sculpture with an interest in the overlay of real and psychic landscapes. She performs live using experimental turntablism which samples her field recordings and has released sounds works on Calling Cards Publishing, Sacred Tapes and Eminent Observer alongside exhibiting objects, drawings and installations. In 2021 shew as a visiting research fellow at the Henry Moore Institute.


Giuseppe Mistretta

Giuseppe Mistretta is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. He works with synthesis and field recordings to create atmospheres for others to inhabit. Mistretta is interested in what can unfold in the present moment and how different variables can help shape it.

Mistretta is working towards a sound release and a new book entitled The Organic Machine. The book is an account of his developing dialogue with a modular synthesiser and other sonic experiences.


Malvern Brume

Malvern Brume is Rory Salter, a musician and sound artist living in London, Born in Banbury. Malvern Brume has released albums with Alter, TakuRoku, Infant Tree and Kashual Plastik. The music is formed through experimentations with electronic instruments, field recordings, amplified objects and voice; motivated by a relationship to changing and chaotic environments, objects and scores made from walking.

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