Sunday 7 August 2022, 8pm

Bridget Hayden + Ecka Mordecai + C.O.P/TL

No Longer Available

Bridget Hayden is a Todmorden-based musician & rural conjurer noted for her participation with free-form noise rock acts such as Sunburned Hand of The Man, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Schisms & Bong..

Her best work however, is when her phantasmic voice is left to waltz solitarily with her own guitar or piano accompaniment. Bridget’s solo output is somewhat difficult to define, often falling into and swinging in-between the static-haze perplexity between words and worlds. Aching, yearning folk abstractions drift and swing between blistering, swelling guitar-crackle ecstatic fire, paradoxically concussing and elucidating. Ghost music for the living, breathing and feeling.

Some may draw comparisons to Grouper, The Space Lady, Cindy Lee, & Les Rallizes Denudes.

Ecka Mordecai

Ecka Mordecai is a ‘cellist. Experimenting with performance, voice and body, she’s collaborated with Andrew Chalk and Tom Scott (CIRCÆA), Valerio Tricoli, Lia Mazarri, and worked with David Toop + Rie Nakajima, Clive Bell, Vanishing, and Thurston Moore. Solo and group shows include Cafe Oto, Hepworth Gallery, Speicher II, and Christian Marclay’s ‘Liquids’ at White Cube, performing scores by Yoko Ono and George Maciunas.

She was taught ‘cello, viola da gamba and renaissance music for a few years at high school, followed by studies in performance and sound art , alongside self-developed cello playing.

An active participant in community arts collectives, Ecka’s past residencies include Islington Mill (Manchester), Nutclough Tavern (Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire) and Mhor Farr (Wester Ross, Scotland.

She is currently an artist in residence at Artcore Intl. (London).

Photo by Agata Urbaniak


U.K. based Thomas LaRoche/C.O.P (Creep Of Paris) is an insect breeder as well as the main representative of Research Laboratories.

His work has been described as “pungent muck”

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