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Sunday 11 November 2018, 7.30pm

Photos by Philippe Lebruman

Alison Statton, Stuart Moxham and Spike

No Longer Available

An Evening of talk and music with Stuart Moxham and Alison Statton, formerly of Young Marble Giants, and Spike, formerly of Weekend.

Thirty-eight years after its release, Young Marble Giants’ legendary ‘Colossal Youth’ (on Rough Trade Records, recorded in 1980 in five days and mixed in 20 minutes) remains a landmark in post-punk music, an enigma of its own, acclaimed by musicians and audience over the years. Formed in 1978 in Cardiff, the trio’s music was constructed around the powerful and minimal instrumentation of brothers Philip and Stuart Moxham on bass and guitar, supporting the naive untrained vocals of Alison Statton. The band split in 1980, reformed in 2006 for a world-wide series of amazing shows and called it a day in 2015.

However, following the reissues by the label Tiny Global Productions of The Gist (Stuart's band in the 1980s) and Alison and Spike’s new album, we're pleased to present Stuart, Alison and Spike performing a best-of set their whole career.

“Partly because they existed for such a brief moment, and partly because Colossal Youth still sounds separate to everything that preceded and followed it, Young Marble Giants remain closest to my idea of perfection in music.” – Evertt True, Drowned in Sound