Monday 6 February 2023, 8pm

Photo by Matt Esselen

Accidental Meetings Presents: теплота (Skynned album launch) + memotone + Elijah Minnelli + i-sha (DJ)

No Longer Available

Accidental Meetings make their debut at Cafe OTO - the collective based between Bristol & London showcase an evening of music centred around their label roster.

The event will see performances from теплота, memotone & Elijah Minnelli, with the night being soundtracked by resident i-sha, showcasing her trademark dark & shapeshifting style. The night will feature ethereal dub from Minnelli’s mixing desk, the full spectrum of memotone’s eclectic jazz palette & the work of теплота, hybrid improvised techno suspended between physical and digital worlds.

It also marks the release of Skynned, теплота’s new record on AM, which comes out on February 3rd.


теплота is the London-based duo of Grundik Kasyansky & Tom Wheatley. Their work interrogates the haptic, social and liberating relationships with technologies old and new; using feedback synthesizer and computer-acoustic bass, they fuse a spontaneous interplay orthogonally over cyclical structures, with techno as perpetual fulcrum.

Following their debut HEAT/WORK on Cafe OTO’s TakuRoku label and the monthly ЭС research series, Skynned will be released in early 2023 on Accidental Meetings. Half techno, half free jazz, the music is both hypnotic and open-ended, relentless and ephemeral.


Memotone is one of the various aliases of self-taught multi-instrumentalist and composer, Will Yates. Predominantly an improviser, working with minimal, ambient and contemporary classical music. Recent years have seen memotone lean towards a more free-form approach, exploring jazz, drone and more meditative musics, often emphasising the give and take between close harmony and dissonance, and showing a keen interest in sound design and textural experimentation. His last LP dropped on Accidental Meetings, full of back-alley jazz and blissful oddities. Following previous work for entities such as Black Acre, Disktopia & Termina. Not to mention supplying instrumentation for Batu's debut album, and scoring works for Palace Skateboards.

Elijah Minnelli

As the ongoing artist-in-residence and de facto Night Czar of Breadminster, Elijah Minnelli has done much to broaden the districts cultural-standing with an ever-growing stable of sonic exports. Borne of an equal love of outsider folk, and the interwoven musical lineages of both South America and the West Indies, Minnelli’s output stands out by balancing its influences with a unique irreverence.

The physical fruits of his labour first appeared as a successful run of self-released 7 inch singles, each handmade and ferried across the record shops of London. The releases honour the Jamaican tradition of featuring a dub on the b-side, stripping away the myriad theatrics of the a-side in favour of a focus on bass, space and rhythm. Across the tracks, you’ll find a blend of rickety, ragtag percussion and radiator-warm bass, topped with melodies that hark back to the forlorn folk of bygone eras; a wheezy melancholia that elevates the tracks beyond pure sound system functionality.


Holding residencies at Accidental Meetings & Noods Radio and heading up her own venture TSS, i-sha will be soundtracking the night. Showcasing her trademark dark & shapeshifting style.