Yen-Tzu Chang

Yen Tzu Chang is a media artist who lives and studies in Linz, Austria since 2014. For Chang, art is a language for expression. Before she began studying at the university, she had nine years of painting training and started to be curious about and search for different tools to create artwork afterward. Since 2011, she has been working in various fields and combining them with art and technology, including interdisciplinary art and experimental performances based on sound installations. Her early works were audio-visual and installations mixed with video art.

"One kind of language..." was like a science video about an incredible long millipede walking through two screens. By rearranging, a real world entity is turned into an illusion. During this time, she gradually got interested in making installations, which combine her experience on stages. She began to develop her own electronic instruments. "Time Travel" and "Self-luminous" series are two successful light installations in her art career. In her sound performance, she attempts to build the relationship between sound, instrument and one of her characters. The more experiments for concerts she conducts, the more possibilities for different characters she can play on the stage.