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Trevor Taylor

Trevor Taylor has been involved in contemporary and improvised music for over 50 years. As a drummer, he studied under Reg Williams, John Thomson, Frank King and Alan Jackson before embracing the wider aspects of percussion at the London Guildhall under Gilbert Webster, the then principle percussionist with the LSO. He set up his own studio in Southend, creating opportunities for playing and recording with many other improvisers, including Ian Brighton, Frank Perry, Philipp Wachsmann et al. In 1973 he was requested to produce the album Balance for Incus. Following further involvement with, and support from people such as Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, Taylor organised and promoted a series of Music in Our Time concerts, creating a platform for those people and many other local and established improvisors, and contemporary musicians. He has been able to do this for over 40 years from commercial activities in retail music enabling him to found the record company ‘FMR’ (Future Music Records) in 1988. This label is entirely devoted to, and supporting, non-mainstream contemporary and improvised music, producing over 400 different albums, books, DVDS and the AVANT magazine. As a percussionist he is featured on many of the FMR albums, as is Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Gary Smith, Paul Dunmall and many other outstanding improvising musicians. In his own right he is an outstanding soloist, using a varied range of acoustic instrumentation obtained from all over the world, as well as specially developed electronic sources. Within an improvised environment he has developed a unique ability to play with precision and sensitivity creating sound sheets of percussive colours, while retaining empathy for the group and individuals within it. Currently he performs with contemporary jazz groups iZephyr, the Power Trio, ‘Chenenko’, ‘Cyborg’, ‘Aero’, ‘Unlimited’, ‘Torus’ and ‘Avanti’ and, in the improvisation groups, ‘Circuit and String Thing. Circuit, formed in 2005, for exploratory electronic and electro acoustic music includes artists such as Paul Dunmall, Pat Thomas, Paul Rogers et al, while with String Thing, formed in 1975,has always been a meeting ground of old friends. The last FMR recording “Eleven Years from Yesterday” was in 1989 and the next is due out later this year.