Theo May

Theo May has always had his own, idiosyncratic approach to music-making. This creative sensibility has been directly informed by independent discovery, with intuition at its core. Although his primary focus is composition, playing the violin has always been extremely important to him and it is this practical approach to musical creativity which continues to inform and nourish his own music making.

Formal musical guidance came initially from the South West Music School, and it was during this time that Theo first had the chance to work with Keith and Julie Tippetts, musicians who have been deeply influential and supportive to him. In 2014 Theo began studying composition and violin at the Purcell School of Music, and in 2016 began studying composition at the Royal College of Music with Mark-Anthony Turnage. In the next year a new recording of improvised music with the Keith and Julie is planned, as well as the launch of his new suite for String quartet, ‘Lost Paths’.