Stefan Schneider

STEFAN SCHNEIDER is a Düsseldorf based musician and producer who, since a little more than two decades, is one of the most original and prolifc voices in contemporary electronic music. SCHNEIDER is a founding member of Düsseldorfs electronic outfit KREIDLER (1994-99) and has also been a third of the internationally highly acclaimed trio TO ROCOCO ROT (1995-2014). During the past couple of years he has also collaborated and produced with a.o. Joachim Roedelius (Cluster), Arto Lindsay, Bill Wells, Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Klaus Dinger (NEU!) Sofia Jernberg, Koshiro Hino (YPY/GOAT), John McEntire (tortoise) and fine art superstar Katharina Grosse. Since 1994 concerts in EU, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, China, Algeria, Kenya, Siberia.

On his fresh behind the ears label TAL, Schneider has recently released the music of kenyan folk singer OGOYA NENGO AND THE DODO WOMENS GROUP who have been on an extensive tour in Europe earlier this summer. TAL has also issued an OGOYA NENGO EP with remixes by the likes of ORSON, LENA WILLIKENS, TOLOUSE LOW TRACKS and DON'T DJ. plus a reissue of the stunning 1982 album of NON BAND from Tokyo.

For his new solo set, which Schneider has debuted earlier this year on a tour in Japan, he needs only a few synthesizers, a rhythm machine and his voice.