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Noa and Yoshiki started their collaboration last year. They joined forces to work on Noa's final MFA project in spatial performance and design at the AA school of architecture, which will premiere in late February this year.

The project, "Schweig und Sprecher " named after Noa's grandparents' surnames and meaning "Silence and Spokesman," will embody the complex relations between speech, silence, sound, history, and architecture in space mainly through the use of music and glass.

The installation will be made out of drinking glasses from Noa's great-great-grandfather factory and will emphasize different layers of reality and time via reflections, projections, and sound. The glasses will serve as the generator of music and also as a filter for the sound and movement the performers will produce.

At Café OTO Yoshiki and Noa will show the sonic aspect of the project and will examine, destabilize and potentialize the relations between objects and subjects, silence and speech, history and future, and in that manner tell, in the most impersonal way, a personal story.