Scenes from Salad

Jean Charles Delarue, Scenes from Salad is a part time artist from Paris.
New Lounge Musique ( NLM ). Handling of moods via homemade oscis, tapes, plastic, voices and few effects.
Just a tremolo, A povera trip influenced by Eric Serra, Morton Subotnick, Ultra Red & Bogdan Raczynski.
He runs the French deposit series in Paris and collaborates w/ Hendrik Hegray ( Molière ) , Romaric Sobac ( BHL ) , Erik Minkkinen & Andy Bolus ( K7 Straub ) , Nate Davis ( City Band ), Max Kaario ( frgttn ) & more. Also videast.
xxx perf across our continent. improvisation. invested physically.

“colored frustrating rise, questions and accidents. (s)low and alive mini divided rampage quite pop and fun”