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Samm Bennett

Samm Bennett was born in 1957 in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up imbued with the blues, Southern rock and country songs that shaped the musical milieu of the American Deep South. As a young child, he determined he would follow in the footsteps of Ringo Starr, banging on the kitchen pots and pans, and starting on a proper drum set at age 13. Later as a young man Bennett lived in Nigeria for several months to study percussion with a Benin drum master, then travelled through various cities in Europe, busking and playing concerts before returning to the U.S.,
Depending on where you first heard him, he may be a singer/songwriter, a drummer or percussionist in a band, an avant-garde free improviser, or all of the above. He is an incongruity in the genre- and brand-driven culture of our times, moved purely by the core human impulse to sing, the allure of sound, and the universal principle of rhythm. Unconcerned with category, style, genre, commercialism and marketability, he creates music simply as a vital part of life.
Bennett has been performing throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and elsewhere since the 1980s and now lives in Tokyo. http://www.polarityrecords.com