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Samantha Rebello

Samantha Rebello’s work as a filmmaker has been interested in the exploration of matter and form, oscillating between an experiential approach to the life in material substances, and a conceptual inquiry into the context they inhabit, juxtaposing the ways in which we have tried to frame the material world and form it, through language, images and objects.

She is currently involved in conducting research on the subject of the Questionable History (and Unfathomable Mystery) in the Fyctional Arte, Philosophie and Wrytings of one Quintillius Quintillian, and concerning the Forme and Substance of that which He created. In 2019 it is not impossible that she will assist the Quintillianian Society with the publication of a new translation of the manuscript Midas Rex: Et Fumorum, Et Vaporum (a satire and caustic critique of materialism, thinly disguised as some kind of fairy tale/ experimental novel).