PIKELET is a Melbourne exploratory art-synth performer called Evelyn Morris. Evelyn formed Pikelet in 2007 and has released three full-length albums (on Chapter Records), all of which have received great critical acclaim. Pikelet started out as layered experimental folk music and has traversed many musical territories over the years. Currently the sound is based around experimentation with synth, odd rhythms and found sound, all tied to a core melodic and harmonic focus. Evelyn has also been involved in many collaborations with artists and groups such as The Boredoms, for their Boadrum 10/10/10 performance. She's done soundtracks for short films, art installations and dance performances. As a session musician Evelyn has accompanied many artists such as Ariel Pink, Grand Salvo, Laura Jean and Frida Hyvönen. Evelyn describes her new album, Tronc as featuring “weirder pop than ever before.”

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