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Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire

Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire

Pierre started to style as a way of expression and quickly decided to challenge the body and its limit within styling. With the strong support of close artists and friends, they decided to style onto themselves. Behind shapes and masks, within a world of total annihilation of their own self, they have tried to push the boundaries of presence and absence in order to reappropriate a sense of identity.

‘the absurd of our civilisation at the edge of its fall’ is what Pierre tends to illustrate within their work - a documentation of the performative aspect of our existence.

Throughout their body of work, Pierre enhanced a world of unknown individuals lost into the absurd wasteland of our civilisation without any hope or belief for themselves or the world. For Pierre, the performance is the action of bringing imaginary into the real, while the final result (photography) is its pure form of documentation.

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