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Patrick Wurzwallner

*1983 in Frankfurt am Main, living and working in Graz, Austria
is a musician, improviser, wordsmith, culture worker and popculture/new media- trash enthusiast, who hits the drums very hard (if he hast to!). He does so in his long time projects HEIFETZ (2005), WAIKIKI STAR DESTROYER (2006), FACENOMORE(2013) and ZSAMM (2015), as well as various other collaborations and improvisational ensembles that have led him to share stages with namedroppable acts like MERZBOW, BATTLES, ZU, FRED FRITH, STIAN WESTERHUS, OTTO VON SCHIRACH, RHYS CHATHAM and so on...

He is currently hosting, curating and performing at several ongoing series of events in the cultural institution FORUM STADTPARK GRAZ with the main goal of solidizing and further establishing a local and regional improvisational music scene, as well as propagating a low-threshold approach towards the implemantation of arts in daily life.

Also sometimes he is asked to write about people and music for nerdy journalistic outlets like FREISTIL, ROKKOS ADVENTURES and others. Maybe he has reviewed YOUR album? Who knows?

For further information or just to catch a humoristic glimpse of his way of expression visit wurzi.klingt.org